A Little Song of Cheer


                                By K. Sri Dhammananda




When you’re feeling sad, my dearie,

Go and cheer some other soul,

When you’re feeling weak and weary,

Smile, and lend a hand to all.


Then the morrow will dawn happier,

       And the sun will brighter shine,

And the day will seem far fairer

       Than if you were prone to pine.


When you’re feeling angry, dearie,

       Speak one word of love and peace,

To the one who make you angry,

       And your anger soon will cease.


Love is always like the sunshine,

       It will ever bring you cheer,

How brightly gleams its rays divine

       Spreading happiness far and near!


Hate is like the fire, my dearie,

       It will burn your heart and mind,

It will make you sick and weary,

       Love can heal the sick and blind.


So may you be a sun of love

       To shine aloft the sky of life,

From sphere to sphere in thought to move,

       And dispel darkness, hate and strife!