Harmony and How To Achieve It?

By Tn Minh Tam

Harmony is a spontaneous and creative way of insight in which we may be able to live accordingly to everyone and deal with any particular region in a very comfortable manner.

If we want to understand one person or any religious traditions or of religion in general, we should not remain at the surface of our human experience.We should begin by living, knowing, and experiencing that subject or area as intensively and deeply as possible; especially religion. Religion has been probably the place where the worst human passions and the most dangerous human attitudes have occurred.At the same time, religion is the locus where the highest peaks of the human experience have been reached and where the most sublime quality of human life has been unfolded (Panikkar, Invisible Harmony, p. 169).

All religions deal primarily with the collective ultimate self-understanding of a human group.The truth of religion can be gauged only within the unifying myth that makes the self-understanding possible.If we want to cross that boundaries, we will have to share in some common truths brought forth in common endeavor.To understand someone, we need to penetrate into that person, to absorb into him, to live with him.The same way to live in harmony from within, we need realize the law of concord which is neither oneness nor plurality.It is the dynamism of the Many toward the One without ceasing to be different and without becoming one, and without reaching a higher synthesis.Music is here the paradigm.There is no harmonical accord if there is no plurality of sounds, or if those sounds coalesce in one single note.Neither many nor one, but concord, harmony as Heraclitus said: “The mysterious harmony is stronger than the evident one;” or “The unspoken harmony is superior to the verbalized one.”

The very words by which we often expressare “unanimity, consensus, agreements, concord,”- all have a cordial or an existential core.One animus does not mean one single theory, one single opinion, but one aspiration and one inspiration.Consensus means to walk in the same direction, not to have just one rational view.To reach agreement is to be agreeable, to be pleasant, to find pleasure in being together.Concord is to put our hearts together.Harmony is to put our souls together.

Another word for harmony is sympathy, which does not mainly mean individual, sentimental compassion, but the common path among all the constituents of Reality.Universal harmony is the annihilation of the Self, the renunciation of the Ego.When egoism is completely erased, harmony and sympathy appear.We can reach the harmony by words, by communication, by love, by sacrifice, by serving God in any means . . .

Humankind is held together not because we have the same opinions, a common language, the same religion, or even the same respect for others, but for the same reason that the entire universe is held together.To maintain the universe together, we need to renounce our selfish ego and to sacrifice ourself for others’ eternal happiness.