Truth Has No Center

By Thich nu Minh Tam

Truth is not an hypothesis,truth is not a dogma.Truth does not belong to Hindusim, Buddhism, or Christianity.Truth is neither of this nor of that.Truth is neither mine not yours.Truth belongs to nobody; but everybody belong to truth.Truth means that which is: that is exactly the meaning of the word.It comes from a Latin root, verus.Verus” means: that which is.Verus means that which is, uninterpreted.Once the interpretation comes in, then what you know is reality, not truth.That is the difference between Truth and Reality.Reality is truth interpreted.

So the moment we try to define what truth is, or where truth comes from?. . . it becomes reality; it is no longer truth.Interpretation has entered into it, the mind has colored it.And realities are as many as there are minds; there are multi-realities.Truth is one because truth is known only when the mind is not there. It is mind that keeps you separate from me, separate from others, separate from existence. If you look through the mind, then the mind will give you a picture of truth that “Truth has no center, no boundaries, no limits.” Truth does not belong to anyone to anything, as well as God does not depend on anyone, on anything.Truth is infinite and independent! God is infinite, independent, and the Unique One!

I cannot even say “God id truth,” because if God is truth then it is a tautology – “Truth is Truth.” Simple, fulfilled meaning, real, you cannot say anything else that “Truth is truth.”

Go into the sentence “Truth has no center.”The statement is so significant, it is arising form our heart.Don’t push it aside, go into it.Close your eyes, go into the phrase: “Truth has no center.”Let it become very, very focussed – “Truth . . . has . . . no . . . center . . .”Let there arise a great concentration.Forget everything, as if your whole life depends on this simple phrase, “Truth has no center.”Let it become a matter of life and death.And don’t try to define it, to express it, to answer it, because you don’t know the answer, you don’t know anything , because if Truth can define, it is not truth anymore.Truth cannot define or express in words, just experience, just penetrate into truth, unless you cannottaste the Fragrance of Nothingness, the Taste of No-Centered Truth.”