By Osho

        Love is the only religion, the only god, the only mystery that has to be lived, understood.  When love is understood, you have understood all the mystics of the world.
 It is not anything difficult.  It is as simple as your heartbeat or your breathing.  It comes  with you, it is not given to you by society - and this is the point that I want to emphasize: love comes with your birth - but of course it is undeveloped as everything else is undeveloped.

       Love is the ultimate law, that is why everyone ahs his own ideal figure in his mind when the mature age comes, but unfortunately, how can you find your ideal mate in reality?  Why? Because "ideality" means "unreality, dream," and which is ideal, unreal, it goes far from our hands and rare to discover, to reach, to get.

       "The more you search, the more you lose."

       I am a realist.  I don't have any ideal.  To me, "understanding each other" and "freedom in love" are the only   right ways for any intelligent man or woman because "understanding" means "wisdom" and "freedom in love" signifies "compassion."

       In all the languages of the world, strangely enough, people use the phrase "falling in love."  Without any exception, in all the languages people say, "I have fallen in love."  But why should you fall?  Why can't you rise in love?

       If you love someone depending on your ideal figure, you of course, draw the fences of jail to surrender your lover and you at the same time.  No freedom, no joy anymore because you always ask your intimate friend to be like that, not to be like this, etc.  Therefore the synonym of "falling in love" is "blind in love," do you agree with me?  Because you are blind, so that you fall into the hole which you have dug yourself with your ideal points - you cannot see anything except you and your desire, so that you say, "I love you" but really "you love yourself."

       To me, I only require my beloved one should understand herself very clearly, understand her own deep feelings, thoughts, desires, ambitions . . . and when she can understand herself, she is able to give happiness to the others. To give means to receive at the same time.

       You love me.  I can accept your love.  But you will receive my love only by rising a little higher towards enlightenment in your consciousness.  I want you to say one day "I have risen in love."

       Love should bring more light to you, more understanding, more maturity, more freedom, and more creativity.

       The priests and the moralists and the puritans first decide on an ideal.  They make beautiful ideals and then they force the idea on you, for you to become like the ideals.  They want to make you all idealists.  For ten thousand years we have lived under a very dark and dismal shadow of idealism.

       My understanding is that love is not such a tight thing, rigid, but is flexible, just a friendship . . . so that a woman can tell you she has met a handsome young man and she is going this weekend to be with him - and if you can say, not as a hypocrite but as an authentic human being, that "your joy, your happiness is my happiness.  You enjoy because I know whenever you come back, enjoying a fresh love will make you fresh also.  You go this week, and next week I may have my own way."

       This is friendship.  And when they meet together, they can talk freely, happily what kind of man, of woman they met - and never to fight but to share their adventures.

       It simply needs a little understanding.  It has nothing to do with religion but just a little more intelligent behavior.

       With friends we should share everything, in this way your life will become more and more rich.  And it is good that we have to discover by our own hands every treasure that is hidden in life . . . and love is one of the greatest treasures in existence.